Those last few decades, Africa is being discovered as home for thousands of Jews.

If most people would still be really surprised to learn that there are African Jews and chiefly, Black Jews, some others already know it. In fact, the evidence is that Africa is now a home for thousands of Jews scattered all over the continent.

Most known of them are probably the Sephardi North African Jews (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia). "The Jewish Virtual Library" evaluates Jewish population in North Africa like this: 3,000 Jews in Morocco, 100 in Egypt, 1,100 in Tunisia.

Less known are also the Black Jews who are being discovered since few decades.

Among them are those who claim to have Jewish ancestors, like :
Beside these are those who just adopted the Jewish Faith and practices, like : Some may feel astonished to hear there are Ethnic Jewish claims in Africa. They should just consider that the Ashkenazis and Sefarads do not represent the entire world’s Jewry but the lost tribes still have to be found.

Why then should we think none of them can be found in Africa?

If we consider that even in Biblical times, Jews went more easily to Africa to find refuge (We remember that Abraham went to Egypt, his descedents too), why isn’t it possible that some members of the lost tribes also went to Africa and then have had descendent there?

Maybe more light will soon come unto this issue, but this is not the purpose of this website.

The real purpose of this website is:
Then, on this website, you should discover the African Jewish communities and the challenges they are facing, and also learn about their history, connection to Judaism, culture, Jewish life and activities which come to enrich the global Jewish diversity.

You should also find news and any useful information about any community (Address, location, website, etc.).

Also considering that few African communities have real trained Rabbis, this website will also try to provide helpful ressources (links or posts) on Jewish studies, Holidays, Calendar and Parashot commentaries.

This project is the Idea of Rabbanit Bonita Sussman from Synagogue Temple Emmanuel of Staten Island in New-York who is also a Kulanu board member, an organization which supports many isolated Jewish community around the world. His husband, Rabbi Gerald Sussman and she visited Beth Yeshourun in Cameroon during last summer.

Hope you will Enjoy;