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Beth Yeshourun
The Beth Yeshourun community evolved from a Christian Community and its members started studying and practicing Judaism in 1998 after noticing that Jesus was Jew himself and only taught and practiced Judaism. Also, they noticed that many of their original customs that had survived to years of Christianity were very similar to those described in the Old Testament. This community has been isolated and self-taught for more than 10 years until Kulanu began to raise awarness of its existencce in 2010. They are now a small community of about 50 people trying to get their formal conversion to Judaism. Their leader, Serge Etele had his formal conversion during a trip to the USA in 2012. Learn more about this community


Beth Yeshourun Synagogue in Saa: Tel. +(237) 79 41 85 70

Beth Yeshourun Synagogue in Yaounde: PoBox 6014, Yaounde, CAMEROON. Tel. +(237) 91 67 38 65

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Israeli Embassy: BASTOS, P.O.Box 5934 Yaounde
Behind 10th District Police Station, Bastos (Show the map)
Tel. +(237) 22 20 16 44, +(237) 22 21 12 91, +(237) 22 21 93 97 , Fax. +(237) 22 21 08 23