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The Igbo Jews of Nigeria
The Igbo Jews of Nigeria, who call themselves the “Benei-Yisrael,” are part of the larger Igbo ethnic group. Most of the Igbo Jews live in an area which straddles the River Niger, near the Anambra states.
The Igbo Jews are said to have migrated from Syria, Portugal and Libya into West Africa around 740 C.E. It is claimed that the initial immigrants were from the biblical tribes of Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali. Later, they were joined by more Jewish immigrants from Portugal and Libya in 1484 and 1667 respectively.
Some of the Igbo Jews claim that the river Sambation (beyond which the ten lost tribes were dispersed by the Assyrians) is in Africa. Learn more about this community


Beth Shalom Nigeria, Aba Rd, PO Box 12888 Port Harcourt Rivers State 12888
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Chabad Of Nigeria Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria - Tel: 234-81-6651-7796

Tikvat Israel synagogue, Abuja

Ghihon Hebrew Research synagogue, Jikwoyi - Abuja

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