African Jewish Organizations

  • Pan-African Jewish Alliance Pan-African Jewish Alliance (PAJA) is an international non-profit, non-political organization that seeks to unite historic and emerging African and African-American Jewish communities around the world. PAJA also seeks to integrate African and African-American Jews into the mainstream of the Jewish community. The immediate goals of PAJA are to document the history and current structure of African and African-American Jewish communities, assess community needs, take steps to address those needs, and plan and convene future gatherings.

  • African Jewish Congress The African Jewish Congress is the co-ordinating body whereby the smaller Jewish communities in Sub-Saharan Africa can retain their links with world Jewry.
    The focus of the AJC is:

    • To enable the smaller Jewish communities to give their members viable and vibrant Jewish spiritual lives.
    • To co-ordinate the fight against anti-Semitism.
    • To promote the interests of the State of Israel.
    • To give Africa and African Jews a voice in international Jewry through a proper forum. The African Jewish Congress is affiliated to the South African Jewish Board of Deputies and the World Jewish Congress.